Earn 3.5X Bonus Points Redeem Multiple Gifts

Celebrate birthday

earn the best rewards and join the lucky draw!

In celebration of 35 years of MSI, we are hosting a special activity “Make A Perfect Match”, cordially inviting all of you to participate! By purchasing and registering any of the celebration eligible products to earn 3.5X Bonus points, unlock MSI Special Edition Mystery box and earn the chance of winning MSI Laptop and Desktop! Let's all make a perfect match and wish MSI happy birthday!

Event period: Aug 4 – Sep 8

MSI Reward Members Only

Earn 3.5X Bonus Points

Purchase and register any eligible models, earn up to 3.5X bonus points and a chance to win MSI laptop.

MSI will announce sweepstakes winners on Sep. 29th.

Katana GF66 Worth up to $1,430



Desktop & Monitor

Graphics Card

Gaming Gear

How to Redeem

Step 1

Log in/Create your MSI Reward account

Step 2

Register your eligible products at MSI Register Center

Step 3

After you redeem, we will send 3.5X of the reward points to you and give you the chance to win the prize

Redeem Multiple Gifts

Login Member tier, unlock limited gifts redemption

Thank you all MSI members for celebrating the MSI 35th birthday together, members exclusive promotion is now online.

Gold Tier or upper tier

Golden Lucky Figure Sweepstakes

350 points for each entry

*Only available for participation once

USD $35 Steam Code

(Limited to 80 packs)

500 points for each entry

Platinum Tier

Special Edition Mystery Box

(Limited to 50 packs)

350 points

*Only available for participation once