2020 CES Best Highlights: MSI inspires vision of future with the latest line-up of visionary award-winning laptops

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With the launch of MSI latest 6 series of gaming laptops, we would like to present you the best highlights of MSI laptops’ grand exhibition in the CES show this January. The leading manufacturer of laptop industry MSI has attracted more than 200 global attendees and press to witness the determination of being the pioneer of both gaming and creators' laptops. This year, MSI released a number of award-winning new laptops and high-tech techniques, including the most eye-catching gaming laptops, the futuristic GE66 Raider and the GS66 Stealth. MSI also debuted the Creator 17, the world's very first laptop with Mini LED display. Plenty of MSI’s other announcements focus on content creation, cutting-edge technology and AI. The high tech innovations of MSI have inspired and impressed the laptop industry at CES.
MSI Creator 17
(From left to right: MSI Creator 17, Prestige 15 and GT76 Titan)

Walking through CES MSI showroom you will feel an immediate overwhelmed by all the eye-catching new products. The MSI CEO Charles Chiang proudly said that “CES is a gathering of technology visionaries and we are proud to not only showcase new computing solutions for gamers and content creators but also share MSI's vision of the future.” Take a closer look at the cutting-edge technology showcasing at MSI exhibition, the guests are greeted with a lineup of award-winning laptops: Creator 17, Prestige 15 and GT76 Titan.
GS66 Stealth
(Front: The GS66 Stealth, Back: The GE66 Raider)

"GE66 Raider is the most badass gaming laptop at CES 2020."

Following up we introduce you to the most attention-drawing hero products, the MSI GS66 Stealth and the MSI GE66 Raider. With all-new high-tech internals, the most compelling feature of GE66 is its futuristic appearance. As you can see it shines with Mystic Light, the panoramic aurora lighting which has amazed the press at the scene.

"GS66 Stealth, the Most Intriguing Laptops of CES 2020"

GS66 has perfectly interpreted "worker by day, gamer by night" as a superhero dark knight. It is pretty slim as a gaming laptop goes, only around 2kg in weight; and what impressed attendees and press is the aluminum chassis with the sharper in core black’s spirit. On the top lid is the MSI’s logo which is laser engraved showing a premium feel. GS66's avant-garde outlook and powerful performance became the center of the spotlight and "the best gaming laptops of CES 2020", praised by "Digital Trends" and "Laptop Mag".
GS66 Stealth
(Left: The GE66 Raider. Right: The GS66 Stealth)

They are actually both gamer-centric designed, meeting the demands of gaming laptops nowadays: Lighter but with desktop-like powerful performance. Both GE66 and GS66 are equipped with impressive features: a panel featuring a super speedy 300Hz maximum refresh rate. Not to mention, both GE66 and GS66 are powered by the latest Intel 10th Gen H series processors.
GS66 Stealth

On the other side of the showroom, you can see one of the exceptional laptops of MSI, the all-AMD gaming laptops. Following last year's Alpha 15, the Bravo 15 is one of the first laptops to be equipped with these AMD processors, powered by AMD's Ryzen 4000 series CPUs and paired with an AMD Radeon RX5500M graphics.
GS66 Stealth

The revolutionary innovation of MSI! Share visual & sound feast with your friends!

"As an industry leader in gaming and computing, we strive to help gamers and creators excel; from innovations in the display, audio, game lighting, and voice control, to Dragon Center and Creator Center software," said MSI CEO Charles Chiang. MSI announced an exclusive AI Duet Display, which is the perfect integration of hardware and software. The players can now set up coach-mode like displayed in the photo while turning the mobile device into an additional display for collaborative coaching and playing, which allows gamers to share their gameplay in real-time.
Not only can the visual, but sound sharing also be achieved by the MSI exclusive sound sharing technology. Powered by Nahimic’s virtual audio device, it makes collaborating easier than ever, allowing friends to listen to the same audio during gameplay or creative sessions.
GS66 Stealth

In collaboration with Dimenco B.V., MSI is also giving everyone a taste of the future with the interactive "Simulated Reality" demonstration, as you can see from the photo, where users can interact with the 3D avatar with bare hands and eyes. The revolutionary technology became another outstanding part in MSI booth.
GS66 Stealth

Another worth mentioning technique is the MSI APP Player, as you can see from the multiple windows on the screen, it allows for up to 12 instances of games to run simultaneously. This is the partnership between MSI and Bluestacks, with the purpose of bringing the mobile game experience to PC; brings out more possibility of future gameplay.
GS66 Stealth

Best in CES: "Creator 17, the best laptop display we've clapped eyes on"

You might need to wear sunglasses to look at this screen! The Creator 17 is the world's very first laptop to come with new revolutionary technology, the 4K Mini LED display, which shows a stunning image of HDR1000 standards with incomparable colors and contrasts compared to the standard panel. There is also another panel displaying at the left-hand side, elaborating the local dimming technology, benefiting a sharp level of contrast between light and dark areas of an image.
GS66 Stealth

"Craftsmanship to show the MSI’s color of attitude"

Not allowing gaming laptops to steal all the spotlights, the MSI content creation display area showing off a totally different classic atmosphere. The Prestige series comes like a bearing colorful gift and are elegantly displayed, showing striking color options, including carbon gray, white, burgundy and pink.
You might also be dazzled by the MSI’s wide variety of themes in this table. Turning imagination into reality, the GE66 Raider Dragonshield Limited Edition is armed with the spaceship-like case, designed by concept artist of "Star Wars", Colie Wertz.
GS66 Stealth

There are also other fascinating laptops you can see from this inspiring design table, such as the super car-themed GT76 in sports red edition, and the conceptual camo version of GF65. The multifarious unique editions have shown the ingenuity design of MSI and prove the originality to make laptops become the coolest top-notch tech accessory a user can ever have!
GS66 Stealth
In CES 2020, MSI has proved that technology can seamlessly integrate into our lives, and this advanced lineup of laptops is just a glimpse of MSI's vision, the future is here, get ready to witness the new evolution of MSI new gaming laptops!
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