The GP63 and GL63 design concept was from GE63, the GP73 and GL73 was from GE73, so their features might be less than GE series, but 2 things these models will never compromised, 1 is the heatpipe and cooling design, 1 is the Giant Speakers with big chambers design! Since we already knew the great performance of the cooling system, this time we take focus on the speakers design.

Here is the video that introduced How Giant Speakers design and works.

MSI Giant Speakers Intro

The Giant Speakers Rely on Fine-Tuned Giant Chamber Design

If you take a look on below image, the GE63/73 of Giant Speakers came with 4x speakers, dual mid-high frequency speakers aside, and dual woofer closer to the middle of the chamber. That's why GE63 and GE73 had such great sound experience for most of gamers’ satisfaction!

How MSI made it so perfectly inside the notebook? It's just because they listened to the team Dynaudio and layout the speaker placement first when they designed the GE63/73 series last year.

Here I would like to introduce that latest GP and GL also comes with Giant Speakers design, same chamber material created same high level of authentic sound detail, that makes the user experience better than previous GP62/72 and GL62/72 series.

If you want to know the speaker chambers size comparison, below image is the GE63 and GE62 speakers’ comparison, it’s 5x bigger of the chamber size, and GE63/73 also got more than 3x bigger than the GE62/72 speakers, both of the design could improve the sound detail and quality with better response and reflection from bottom side of the notebooks.

The Sound Volume is Loud, but Much More Detail than the dBA!

When I got the latest GP63 Leopard gaming notebook, I checked that speakers are same design as GE63, just did not have 2 woofers. The GP63 also have very good sound quality, especially when you compared with same level or same price range of the competitors, you will realized what I’m talking about.

Let' take a look on the size and placement of GP63 Giant Speakers, it’s even bigger than the 2.5" HDD!

Take a look on other A brand’s STRIX gaming NB of speakers design, the little speakers just aside the HDD, but lack of the chambers, and not good on sound volume and detail.

I did think that GP63 of Giant Speakers might make the sound quality lower because its lack of woofer, but I was wrong. When I playback some MSI videos or movies, the sound detail was really good, the human vocal and mid-high range sound detail such as racing, gun shot or high speed experience, it’s all presented very good detail.

Check on the volume with sound meters, the GP63 still could apply maxima over 102dBA of the sound. As my experience, the GE63 was around 105~106dBA with 2 more woofers. The biggest difference was only the base is stronger on GE63/73, the mid-high range of the sound detail are totally same great as the performance level to enthusiast level gaming notebooks.

If we take a look on the A brand of their STRIX gaming notebook with 7700HQ and GTX1070 graphics version, which came from my friend, that model only got maxima up to 91.9dBA at speakers, if you consider the sound volume calculation formula of decibels, 10dBA means it’s 3x louder for human’s ears, that’s a huge gap for any users to play games or watch videos and more of various aspects usages!

The sound experience is better on latest GP and GL than other same level NBs

As my experience on some gaming notebooks from other brands and models last year, they cannot compete previous GE62 and A brand of STRIX, their sound volume just around 90dBA, so it's too far to mention if they are able to compete GP63 sound quality or not. If you like to know what is good on GP63/73 and GL63/73, besides of the best cooling of Cooler Boost 5, the Giant Speakers is also great features for any users to play games or more entertainment usage! We could realize that MSI got very good core value on better sound quality, cooling design and gaming keyboard, vision experience in all segments for any users!