Daniel Thiger: As a 3D material designer, I crave a laptop with a good panel for photorealistic creation!

By Vivienne Ke |
Daniel Thiger is a rising star of substance designer from Sweden. From environment artist, concept artist, to technical art Director, Daniel has been working in the video game industry for more than 15 years. "There is no short cut to success!" said Daniel, seldom people realize that all his achievements today are attributed to his diligent “self-learning”. As a consummate craftsman, Daniel is rigorous in his artworks and the tools he used for 3D digital material design.
Creator 17

Enjoy working remotely, exploring cities, Daniel: Having a powerful yet portable laptop will be great!

Being a 3D material artist, Daniel gets inspired by almost everything around him from nature to architecture, to the hustle and bustle cities. Natural materials offer an infinite diversity when it comes to shape and material response. Therefore for Daniel, it's a perfect job that matches his passion and interests. Daniel has recently moved to Taipei, Taiwan for long staying. The variety of rich traditional cultures and modern city aesthetics has motivated and driven Daniel for creating. Travel becomes essential to Daniel, that's why he has been craving for a new laptop as powerful yet portable like MSI Creator 17.
Creator 17
(Daniel took picture of the tiles on Taipei Streets as reference)
Creator 17

Craftsman's skill to show the photorealistic digital materials!

"I like the challenge of creating something photorealistic" according to Daniel, he finds it inspiring to try to match substance textures as closely as he possibly can to real-life examples. A good panel covers a wide range of colors and can display an excellent color reproduction from real life that is what the first laptop with Mini LED, the groundbreaking MSI Creator 17’s expertise for. The Creator 17 features a 4K high resolution for a more realistic viewing experience and a wide color gamut of 100% DCI-P3, the brightness of 1,000 nits to present close-to-real color accuracy, 240 zones of local dimming control for the vibrant visuals with the brightest whites and deepest blacks with sharper more detailed imagery, these are the factors of the utmost importance for creative professionals, especially for the 3D art designers.
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Substance Designer requires multitasking ability, so does a laptop

Daniel, as an environment artist, planning and thinking ahead is important, he always needs to have a specific use and context in mind when creating materials. "This ensures that I'm focusing on the right things without going too far down the rabbit hole." said Daniel. The creation of Substance requires meticulous arrangements, during the creative process, Daniel needs to open multi-windows for lots of purpose like reference research. In this case, he indeed prefers a laptop like MSI Creator 17 which delivers the latest 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 processors (Comet Lake H) and GeForce® RTX SUPER™ Series graphics for multitasking works and steady powerful performance.
Creator 17

Daniel loves his job!

Most of the time, work doesn't feel like a job to Daniel. For him, it's just having fun essentially. Daniel likes to challenge himself to improve and get better, his inspiration can come from anywhere, therefore he will keep exploring around cities around the world. As a rigorous designer, Daniel agreed that he definitely needs a laptop like MSI Creator 17, snazzy, slim, yet powerful for his masterpieces.
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