No one knows how MSI will design their ultra-thin notebooks in the creators’ field for all day usage, until MSI unveiled their latest ultra slim PS63 Modern during CES show, most of the media gave it very high positive feedback on their reviews.

The PS63 Modern is brand new concept from shapes, colors to the overall design, cutting edge of the shape and blue-gray coating with blue-diamond side coating, the 3 side thin-bezel with brand new hinge style and still could put a HD CAM on top side, IPS display with 72%NTSC and True Color with sRGB calibration for content creators. The enlarged 35% of the Silky Glass Touchpad is very smooth and accurate, it makes user experience much better than most of the other touchpads!

The viewing angle is excellent with good red color present.

Very thin and better hinge design and airflow exhaust design.

The ultra-thin design with great figures

The PS63 got 3 of “16” figures on features, 1.6kg, 16mm of thickness, over 16 hours of battery life. A good performance with GTX 1050 graphics notebooks in this slim chassis and 16 hours of battery life? That’s really over expectations on performance and usage for most of users and different creators.

Besides of MSI unique features, PS63 comes with Core i7 8565U or Core i5 8265U, all with 4C8T architecture, built-in the GeForce GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics or Intel UMA inside the ultra slim body. Mine on hand PS63 is Core i5 8265U and GTX 1050 Max-Q version, with 512GB SSD and 16GB main memory. That's more than enough for normal users with this ultra-thin chassis and light weight.

Compared to my current working notebook GS63, the GS63 was just 1.89kg weight and 17.7mm of height, but PS63 even over 10% smaller and slimmer as 16mm, could put in any 15” backpacks or most of the regular 14” backpacks. Even side backpacks will be easier to handle this thinner machine.

PS63 is easy to put in all of the 15” and most 14" notebook backpacks or side backpacks.

The dimension of PS63 on the top is 357x233x16mm, more than 10% smaller and slimmer than GS63 of 17.7mm height!

The weight of PS63 Modern is 1653.5g with GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics and strong cooling system, the cube adaptor is 90W but smaller than regular 60W adaptor and only under 200g of the weight. It’s really light with lots of features and good SPEC. combinations.

The weight of PS63 is 1653.5g, but it feels lighter when you carry it!

New creative style of Cube adaptor for PS63 series is around 198g.

More on powerful performance than expected

This PS63 comes with Core i5 8265U, it's 15W TDP CPU, and with GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics, it’s lower power version of GTX 1050. People may think it’s not good enough for users to play games, create 3D designs, or used for video after-works and editing. But I would like to say it's really surprised me on the performance with benchmark results.

Take a look on the 3D Mark series first, the 3D Mark 11 P7502 is really similar as regular Core i7 7700HQ + GTX1050 of performance, and same situation as the 3D Mark Fire Strike comes with 5488 score. When check on Time Spy test on DirectX12 features, PS63 got 1839 score.

3D Mark 11 P7502 at good score.

3D Mark Fire Strike 5488 score is also strong.

These test above showed different detail level of gaming performance, also showed how good is the PS63 cooling system design, the GTX 1050 Max-Q version comes with 2 fans and 3 heatpipes, 1 pipe is for Core i7/i5 U series CPU, 2 pipes with large heatsink to make GTX 1050 Max-Q stay cool and quiet with higher GPU Boost possibility. That’s why the 3D Mark related performance got same level as Core i7 7700HQ and normal GTX 1050 graphics performance, the devil is in the detail!

Boosted on CPU performance and good for video editing

When I got this PS63 Modern with this i5 version, I did not expect the performance is such high as the tested results. Even with Cinbench R15, the OpenGL score achieve 76.73fps, CPU Multi Cores is 650cb, even Single Core of 156cb is closer to regular i7 7700HQ level. The CPU Boost is able to run up to 3.4GHz during my tests, and mostly it runs around 2.7GHz~3GHz. The X264 FHD benchmark runs at 23fps score, similar as i7 7700HQ at 24fps. And if you consider to play some games or design some content with DX12 at Full HD resolution, you could check on the Mid-High level benchmark in Final Fantasy XV benchmark tool, the result is 6207 score with Very High result under DX11 mode.

The CineBench R15 Score is better than most of slim notebooks with i5 U series.

The 512GB SSD separated with 2 Drives, check on the Drive C: at great speed! 3184MB/s of read speed,1952.5MB/s of write speed, it’s worth of the price value!

The "Creator Center" completed perfect user experience

Most of the MSI gaming notebook users knew that MSI got "Dragon Center" to have very detail info on Hardware monitor, performance and fan adjust, display color and keyboard lights adjust, sound enhancement and Gaming Mode inside. PS63 comes with brand new concept with “Creator Center”, the creator center could have optimized performance arrangement for many useful creating software.

The Creator Center also comes with Hardware Monitor; the fan speed could raise up to 5500rpm with Cooler Boost mode.

Use Creator Center with feature adjustment page, you could set True Color with 6 modes, default is sRGB Mode, also could asjust DPI% and Nahimic 3 easily with a click. One of the most important function is the 4 type of Performance/Battery modes for different usage, "High Performance" mode could let user to get highest power to achieve the performance same as my highest benchmark results, the Balanced Mode and Silent Mode in between mid-level performance and battery life, Super Battery Mode will reduce the CPU and GPU performance around only 1/3 of the highest level, but could keep the battery life over 16 hours easily.

Set to High Performance will get highest calculation performance in all usage, also higher brightness on display and keyboard backlit.

Set to Super Battery will get around 1/3 compared to the highest performance, 20% of the display brightness, and turn off the keyboard backlit.

Conclusion: More powerful usage than just all day works

When I bring the PS63 outside used for 1 hour then at idle mode, it showed "37 hours 49min remaining", after some internet surfing, Youtube Video broadcasting with my earphone, and even download few software with Silent Mode around 3 hours, the battery still over 70%, and estimated battery life still over 12 hours.

Idle with 37 hr49min remaining? I never saw this number in any notebook with GTX1050 level graphics.

The PS63 is not only light using as other UMA slim notebooks, this model is good for normal content creators and video editing after works, good enough at gaming performance for FHD at Mid-level preset gaming, the keyboard type feedback is good, whole chassis design and body was solid, enhanced hinge design make PS63 easier to use 1 finger to open but stay still, and over 16 hours of internet surfing battery life, everything seems combined perfectly on the latest PS63 Modern!

If you want to use PS63 out of battery, you should get a set of tea for whole day to use and wait, few hours of coffee time will be too short to hang out with PS63!