MSI GT75 Titan Got Over 86% Performance Boost with Intel® Core i9 8950HK!

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Maybe many of the gamers and advanced users already knew that the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 platform coms with the latest 6C/12T architecture, and it’s the first time that Intel put overclockable CPU at i9 position (TDP as well). The finest CPU on mobile platform called Core i9 8950HK! The based clock is 2.9GHz, the top clock is able to over 4.7GHz depends on CPU possibility and cooling solution capability. That’s why MSI put the Core i9 8950HK on GT75 Titan, the best cooling solution of 9 heatpipes and 2x 9cm fans with extreme air flow called "Cooler Boost Titan" cooling system! The 32GB of dual channel SAMSUNG DDR4-2666 RAM also helps the performance to a higher level.

The latest Cooler Boost Titan thermal module design is really powerful!

Let’s take a look on the Core i9 8950HK architecture, it comes with 14nm process, designed at 2.9GHz of based clock, but higher boost capability to 4.7GHz, with 12MB of L3 cache to get faster access speed, and default TDP is 45W but might up to 90W if boost over 4.5GHz, so not every high price Core i9 model in the market are available to have high performance and high stability. Even I did not tested the OC capability yet, the Turbo mode already surprised me a lot on regular tests with much higher performance compared to Core i7 8750H or Core i7 7700HQ. That's why MSI apply dual 230W adaptors to apply the maxima power for the enthusiast gamers.


The Core i9 8950HK is over 86% faster than 7700HQ on CineBench R15

When I got the latest GT75 Titan, I think it’s a bit heavy at 4.5kg. But as long as you want the real steel to get top performance for long term usage, not only a SPEC. sheet on the list, you will need this size of heavy metal machine to get really better cooling design and higher performance presents.

This GT75 Titan comes with 8th Gen Core i9 8950HK CPU and GTX 1080 graphics, my comparison models are the GE63 with Core i7 8750H and GTX 1070 graphics from my previous test, also got some benchmarks from last Gen. of GE63 with Core i7 7700HQ and GTX 1070 graphics to make previous version CPU comparison.

I tested the CineBench R15 as a starter, the Core i9 8950HK got extremely high at 1391cb on CPU multi-core score, the Core i7 8750H got 1113cb, compared to the previous i7 7700HQ onlay 744cb, the new Core i9 8950HK is over 86% faster than 7700HQ.

Check on the OpenGL score from CineBench R15, the 8th Gen Core i9 8950HK got 139fps, it's much faster than GE63 with Core i7 8750H at 105.08fps, it’s also 47% faster than Core i7 7700HQ at 94.54fps, thanks to the Core i9 drives the GTX 1080 graphics more powerful!

The Core i9 8950HK got 1400cb at Mulci-CPU score, and OpenGL test is 143.72fps

Core i9 8950HK got 74% faster of Video Transcoding Test

The FHD/4K video transcoding and editing works are getting more popular in recent years, so I tested on the also looking forward to see what Corei9 8950HK could bring to enthusiast users. I tested “X264 FHD Benchmark” to test the performance gap between Corei9 8950HK and 7700HQ.

Let's take a look on the result; the Core i9 8950HK on this Full HD video transcoding benchmark comes out 43.7fps, which presents much faster than Core i7 8750H of 35.2fps, and the 7700HQ test result of 25.2fps. the 8950HK got 74% faster on the video transcoding benchmark than 7700HQ, we could see that 8th Gen. Core i9 8950HK did have great improvement on the FHD/4K video transcoding performance and could reduce the time for video editing.

Intel® Corei9 8950HK got 43.7fps at X264 FHD Benchmark test; it’s 74% faster than i7 7700HQ CPU at 25.2fps.

The 3D Mark 11 P at new record as DT GTX 1080 performance!

We checked the 3D Mark 11 benchmark test as the gaming performance boost up reference, the top level Core i9 8950HK runs great with GTX 1080 graphics, with MSI Dragon Center 2.0 at SPORT Mode, the GT75 Titan with GTX 1080 graphics already got P22496 score, that made GT75 Titan is 36% faster on gaming experience compared on i7 8750H CPU with GTX1080 Max-Q or GTX 1070 graphics.

If use the TURBO Mode to overclock CPU up to 4.7GHz and GPU/VRAM at 200MHz, it will easily to have P24000 score level up.

The GE63 Raider RGB got P18239 score, and the previous platform of Core i7 7700HQ and GTX 1070 graphics, their average score is around P16500, I checked the Core i7 8750H with GTX1080 Max-Q, it's also the score P16500, so it’s better to get real GTX 1080 with Core i9 to have extreme gaming performance.

Conclusion on 8th Gen Core i9 8950HK Performance Improvement

The GT75 Titan with Core i9 8950HK presents remarkable performance just to become the desktop replacement, not only the gaming performance, but also most of the usage could let the hard core users feel it’s fantastic, and I would like to say the cooling system is the key to keep this beast at highest level. We could see the performance really fantastic compared with 7700HQ, even compared with Core i7 8750H, the Core i9 8950HK still got much higher performance gap with great value!

Maybe the CPU temp. will up to 95°C in a sudden during testing, but that's because the CPU usage boost in less than a glance, when the Cooler Boost fan turns up to higher speed, the system kept under 90°C with ease, the keyboard side temp. always under 39°C even at burn-in tests. That’s what I’m looking for; the beast could keep highest performance but not highest noise when not full loading for a time!


The fastest SAMSUNG SSDs with over 3500MB/s speed on GT75 Titan

On the performance wise, it’s not only about CPU and GPU, the storage are getting faster with M.2 of NVMe on PCI-E Gen.3 speed, this time GT75 Titan embedded the latest SAMSUNG SSDs, the ID name mapped to PM961 series on the end-user market. The single MZVLW256HEHP SSD is 256GB, up to 2950MB/s read speed, and over 1237MB/s of writing speed. It’s really fast especially the read speed very close to the NVMe SSDs RAID0. This is what I tested on the GE63 Raider RGB model.

On this GT75 Titan, it embedded dual SAMSUNG 256GB PM961 SSDs with RAID0, that makes the SSD performance boost over 3580MB/s of read speed, and fast 2883MB/s write speed. This is really fantastic performance to be a fastest OS storage for most of advanced gamers!

Accompany with the extreme access speed, the MVNe SSD also getting hotter now days, so MSI made their GT75 Titan with powerful cooling design even on SSD thermal solution. The big size heatsink covered on both sides of the SSDs, and it’s easy to release and install the 3rd SSD inside. Users could have very stable SSD performance for long term usage thanks to the coolest thermal design for SSDs.

Last but not the least, GT75 Titan got more gaming features than any others!

If you are looking for a gaming notebook not only have top performance but also comes with most gaming features, you have to try this GT75 Titan on the shelf, Real Rapid mechanical keyboard with Per-Key RGB backlit, best of the best Sound by Dynaudio speaker system, 120Hz/3ms and 94%NTSC gaming display, really good color present with wideview quality as below photo, ESS SABRE HiFi 24bit/192KHz headset DAC, Cooler Boost Titian with Cooler Boost fan control, Dragon Center 2.0 with unique Gaming Mode to play games with unique type of keyboard backlit preset, everything worth its position and price range, it’s like the Aston Martin or Bentley level super car to me!
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