MSI Trident S 12th

Windows 11 Brings You Closer to What You Love

Family, friends, obsessions, music, creations—Windows 11 is the one place for it all. With a fresh new feel and tools that make it easier to be efficient, it has what you need for whatever’s next.

* Upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware,

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MSI Desktop amd 5000 series icon

Easily Handle A Variety of Entertainment

Equips Up to 8 Core AMD Ryzen™ 5700G Processor

The Ryzen 5700G processor has 8 cores and an extremely powerful Radeon built-in graphics chip. Its powerful performance allows you to meet your diverse entertainment needs without switching devices. It can also rely on the multi-tasking performance of 8 cores so that the desktop can meet all your needs.

Up to 64GB Dual channel
2*SSD PCIe 3.0 slots
msi ssd peformance chart
MSI Trident S 12th with AMD 5000 series

Fidelity FX technology Support

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) boosts your frame rates by 2.4X on average in FSR-supported games, delivering a batter gaming experience.

Fidelity FX

hdr ON hdr OFF


msi Trident s 12th godfall fps

1080p+Medium preset

Reshape the Way You Play

New Breed of Gaming Desktop - MAG Trident S 5M

MSI launched a new MAG model, which focuses on gamers can enjoy immersive cloud gaming through just one gaming controller. Through the exclusive "Game Stadium" application, you can use the gaming controller in Windows to enjoy cloud gaming, mobile games, PC games, and games on different platforms. You can also activate a variety of entertainment software.

MSI Trident s 12th reshape the way you play
Msi Trident S 12th Game Stadium App

Entrance for Cross- Platform Entertainment

Game Stadium APP

Game Stadium allows you to access all your favorite entertainment software in one place. It even integrates the MSI APP player so that you can use your mobile phone's software with only one gaming controller. Everything ranging from cloud gaming, video streaming, instant messaging can be presented in front of your eyes at a glance, enriching your entertainment!

MSI Trident s 12th xBox

XBOX Game pass

Play over 100 high quality games with your new Trident S and one month of Xbox Game Pass-including EA play. With new games added all the time, there's always something new to play. Download and play in full fidelity or play console games from the cloud with connected controller..

*The XBOX GAME PASS Ultimate plan will vary by region, please check with your local MSI retailer for details.


msi Trident s 12th multi play function
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Play Multiple Mobile Games at the Same Time

Run multiple games simultaneously with no confusion and compromise. It provides performance tuning through Multi-Instance Manager to better fit diverse circumstances in each instance.

msi Trident s 12th paly mobile games
msi app player icon

Play Mobile Games as Console with Controller

With the latest innovation, gamers can experience

Console-like control on laptops with intuitive UI dedicatedly designed for controllers.

Low-Key with Outstanding Style

Incorporate Aesthetics of Classic Architectural Design

The geometric shapes of buildings are utilized to reproduce ancient buildings' aesthetics with extended and staggered lines that are stacked on top of each other. They unite and extend upward up to the clouds, conveying the core technology behind cloud gaming. This is the intersection between humanity and technology.

MSI Trident s 12th design
msi compact size icon

Slim Form

85% Smaller Than Typical Desktops

Thanks to its compact body supplemented by simple line decorations, this desktop easily blends into every corner of the home. When the performance mode is fully engaged, the temperature of the system is only about 29℃, so there is no need to worry about thermal issues.
Only 29℃,
(Avg. Temperature.)
When Running at Full Speed
85% Smaller
than Typical Desktops
MSI Trident S 12th compact size

Quick access to your Favorite software.

G Key-physical shortcut key.

MSI G Key is the fastest way to launch any software. Enter the MSI Center to set your frequently used software as a shortcut function to be activated immediately at the touch of a button.

MSI Trident s g key

Expand All Possibilities

Plenty of Ports

Various ports allow you easily deploy all your equipments.

MSI Trident S 12th io port
msi Trident s 12th usb charge and support 3 monitors out
msi desktop supprot multiple monitors icon

Monitor+ Monitor+ Monitor, more Screens for the Greatest Viewe

Supports Up to 3 Monitors

This MSI gaming desktop provides 3 sets of video signal output so that you can dominate the game while gaining access to information outside the game.

msi desktop supprot multiple monitors icon

Accelerate the Charge and Return to the Battlefield

Supports Super Charge 2.0

The front USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C provides 10Gbps transmission speed and a 15W supply of power. Compared to the 5W of USB Type-A, it can shorten the charging time of your devices.

trident s 12th upgrade step01 trident s 12th upgrade step02 trident s 12th upgrade step03 trident s 12th upgrade step04
trident s 12th upgrade empty

Upgrade Easily

Motherboard Slot

There is a dedicated motherboard slot at the back of the desktop, allowing you to pull out the entire motherboard with only one screw and easily upgrade the components.

Prioritize Your Games!

Supports MSI Gaming Lan Manager

When you play cloud games or mobile games, Lan Manager always prioritizes them in the network transmission, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and non-lag gaming experience.

MSI Trident S 12th LAN
MSI desktop mysticlight icon

Overflow the Entire Space With Your Personal Style

Mystlic Light Supports 16.77 Million Colors

Use Mystic Light to adjust the color and lighting effects to illuminate the entire space with your style.

MSI Trident S 12th mysticlight

MSI Center

MSI Center software helps you control and customize your MSI Desktop the way you want. Monitor, adjust and optimize easily through one unified system.

  • User Scenario

    Gaming Mode

    One-click does all, optimize all your need for games

  • Apps Optimizer

    Game Highlights

    Capture and record best moments

  • Noise Cancellation

    User Scenario

    Preset scenarios to suit your daily operations

  • Windows 11
  • Up to AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700G processor.
  • Game Stadium APP – Enjoy everything through one gaming controller.
  • MSI App Player - Enjoy seamless gaming experience between mobile and PC.
  • Compact, light weight and easy to transport case.
  • 2.6 liters in size, the most compact gaming desktop.
  • Supports up to 3 video output.
  • Low-Key with Outstanding Style.
  • Upgradability Design - Motherboard Slot.
  • Mystic Light RGB LED design, customize your look.
  • G Key – Physical Shortcut Key