June 25, 2019 Unmatched Thermals Only with MSI X570 Motherboards Amd's 3rd generation ryzen processors deliver extraordinary performance. as soon as we saw these processors, we realized that we had to up our game when it came to engineering motherboards for these beastly cpus. with our brand-new x570 motherboard lineup, [...]
June 20, 2019 Guide/FAQ for the Beef up Your Rig Landing Page In order to make things easier for you and to get all the information you need, we created the beef up your rig landing page. it combines all the essentials. several sections on the landing page simplify the process for [...]
June 14, 2019 MSI Gaming Laptop Naming Explained Starting with the series… a good first step is to start from the broad. the wide range of selections can actually be simplified into 6 series, or further, to 3 aspects. gt titan series _ top-of-the-line crazy flagships gt series is the extreme [...]
June 12, 2019 AMD X470 and X570 Comparison: What’s new about X570? With the announcement of the ryzen 3000-series cpus' launch in july, everyone's wondering whether they're due for an upgrade. we'll give you some insight into the differences between both x470 and x570 chipsets as well as the x470 and x570 [...]
June 10, 2019 Curved vs. Flat Monitors: Things You Should Know Before Buying A Gaming Monitor When buying a computer monitor, in addition to factoring in price, the most crucial decisions as far as specifications go involve picking the size, resolution, refresh rate and display aspect ratio of a monitor to fulfill your needs. with the [...]
May 28, 2019 Covering Computex 2019: Latest Gen MSI Products for Gamers and Content Creators Computex is finally here and, boy, do we have some exciting surprises in store for you! a brand-new product segment, revolutionary products, and innovation form the foundation of our computex 2019 showcase. every msi product segment is designed to sate the [...]
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